Time to rethink your home’s
interior design

From a simple paint job to a total renovation, your living environment must evolve with time and desires.

Interior makeover

A new interior decoration is necessary!

Decorating tips

Decorating tips

The main objective of a decoration overhaul is to achieve an ideal balance between colour and light.

Decorative objects

Take the time to make a list of what you need to transform your home’s interior.

Decorative items

From colourful furniture to tropical flowers, think of a specific theme for your home’s decor.

Interior design experts

Interior design experts

Seek the expertise of a professional to ensure your project is carried out without a hitch.


Room design & decoration

style of decoration do you need

Which style of decoration?

For instance, decorating a living room is different from decorating a kitchen.

colour to choose

What colour to choose?

You need to know the meaning of colours to succeed in reflecting your personality.


Choose the right bed linen

A bed is not just for sleeping, it also has an interior design role and bedding.

Scandinavian inspiration

Trendy and warm decoration


Small accessories

Choose decorative objects that match the style you want to bring out.


Scandinavian-style furniture

Scandinavian decoration is defined by the simplicity and functionality of the objects involved.


The more small lamps the better!

With the proper placement, lighting can be a great asset in interior design



The Scandinavian style also relies on objects that are useful for wall decoration.

Home fragrances and ambience

In addition to brightness and colour whose purpose is to please the eyes, a good atmosphere in your home also means creating a pleasant vibe. This can be achieved by using room fragrances.

To that end, specialists in the field such as MAISON BERGER PARIS can provide you with specific accessories to perfume the interior of your home. Different fragrances varying from the most classic to the most exotic of the lot will allow you to personalize each room of the house. From natural wood scents for a living room dominated by the same material, to the exotic country spirit that can adorn a courtyard, the ideas are there for the taking! Advice from an interior design coach can also help!

Identity and personalization

Giving your living room a soul


Furniture styles

The furniture must correspond to a general theme that you have defined beforehand.

Wall decoration

Dressing the walls

A traditional brick wall can be a good change from traditional wallpapers.

Choice of floor


To avoid the difficult choice of a tile floor, go for the warmth of a carpet.

Interior and well-being

Adopting Feng Shui in your home

Feng shui is a culture that originated in Eastern countries and has now been adopted by Westerners in both private and professional settings. Nevertheless, its implementation is not done at will, strict rules must be applied.



Shades to apply in order to create harmony

Orientation of plants

Plants are useful for capturing positive energies.

Water elements

Choose the best spots for a good water circulation.