Interior Design Tips

3 home ambient scenting tips

There’s no denying that the sense of smell can influence your mood without you even realising it. If you have trouble sleeping, suffer from lack of productivity when working from home, have trouble relaxing or can’t change the musty smell…

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3 tips to expand the interior of your home

It is possible to visually enlarge a room without having to push or break down walls. Indeed, there are many configurations and solutions for this. So if you’re feeling a little cramped, check out three foolproof tips that will help…

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How to decorate your home with plants?

Plants are your best allies to decorate your home’s interior. In addition to bringing a touch of freshness and softness to your living space, plants brighten up your whole house. Shrubs, plants with XXL leaves, herbs, flowers, cacti, or other…

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How high should you hang your curtains?

When it comes to decorating a house, every little detail can make a difference, whether we are talking about furniture or other accessories such as curtains. Indeed, putting up a curtain is a great way to improve a room. However,…

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How to perfume your home’s interior with decorative objects?

Perfuming your home is now considered a real addiction. Indeed, candles and diffusers are becoming more and more attractive; hence, you are bound to find pleasure in collecting them. In the office, in the living room or even in the…

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