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How to create an effect of depth with mirrors?

In addition to them being useful for daily beauty rituals, and with a little sensitivity, mirrors can be transformed into decorative elements and make rooms look bigger. More precisely, they can produce an effect that gives the impression that a…

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How to choose the right furniture for your child’s room?

Designing the interior of a child’s bedroom requires thought and time. It is essential to identify the type of furniture that is best suited to such a space. So how do you choose the right furniture for your child’s room?…

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Decorating: how to dress up a wall with glass?

In recent years, interior design and home furnishings have become indispensable for homeowners. More than a trend, these initiatives are part of the renovation process, which is considered a lifestyle. While DIY windows and walls are usually the main work…

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Interior design: why are artificial flowers so popular?

Want to bring a touch of nature to your interior design without having to water and maintain your plants? Nothing better than artificial flowers for that. Not only do they blend in well with any interior style, they also are…

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