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How does a catalysis lamp work?

The catalytic lamp, commonly known as “Lampe Berger”, promotes the destruction by catalytic oxidation of all molecules that are responsible for odours from cooking, smoking and other smelly activities. Indeed, the heat from the catalysis immediately banishes the malodorous molecules…

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How to put up a panoramic wallpaper?

It is always nice to have a personalised decoration on your wall. Panoramic wallpaper is becoming more and more fashionable, but it is important to know how to apply it properly in order to make the chosen pattern style stand…

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Scandinavian design inspiration for a trendy and warm interior

For a comfortable life at home, the interior design has to match your taste. If you are looking for a warm and charming atmosphere, we recommend you choose a Scandinavian style decoration which is still very much in vogue. This…

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How to redesign your kitchen by changing your credence?

The credence is the ultimate in kitchen decoration. In this day and age, almost every kitchen has a credence table. But at a certain point, it starts to age and becomes less beautiful than when it was removed. But it’s…

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Where to install a desk in your living room?

Who doesn’t need a little corner all to themselves to work at home? Some people work better at home. And with the Covid virus still circulating, it’s best to arrange a workspace at home. You can set it up in…

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