How to decorate your home with plants?

Plants are your best allies to decorate your home’s interior. In addition to bringing a touch of freshness and softness to your living space, plants brighten up your whole house. Shrubs, plants with XXL leaves, herbs, flowers, cacti, or other plant species... you can fit whatever you like!

Choose a planter for a trendy interior

Planters are the best choice if you want to embellish your home’s interior with flowers. They add a delicate and subtle touch to the decoration of a room. If you want a rustic and more natural look, choose a wooden planter. For a more modern look, a thin, light metal planter is perfect. It is worth noting that placing a planter indoors helps to highlight certain decorative styles, for example the Scandinavian style. By choosing an indoor planter, you can create a small garden in your kitchen, for example. With small vegetables or herbs and plants, you have a variety of choices. Besides adding a creative and innovative touch to your decoration, you will also have the opportunity of cooking fresh products that you have planted yourself.

Go for half-light, half-planter hanging baskets for a classy look

To adorn your home in an unique way, there is nothing better than half-light, half-planter hanging lamps. This decorative asset offers a real imprint to your interior space, especially if you select the right plants. Half-lighting, half-planter hanging baskets are perfect for small areas, as they are not intrusive and allow you to optimise space. It is important to know that you can vary the plant types according to your desire. To achieve this, choose different supports such as shelves, wall hangers or suspended plant holders. In any case, this interior design style remains an good authentic and personalized choice.

Go for the flower baskets for an exotic touch

The idea of a rattan or wicker basket has been very popular for some time. These baskets can be used as planters to showcase your plants in charming ways. Pick beautiful seasonal flowers or succulents to bring an exotic touch to the whole decor. You can also place them in a more discreet corner or in the middle of the room to make them stand out. Note that it is necessary to place a plate or a saucer to protect the bottom of the basket from humidity. Rattan or wicker baskets are widely available in supermarkets and interior design shops.

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