How to give a sofa a makeover with rugs?

Do you want to give your living room a cosy look? If so, decorating a sofa with a rug is an option. Indeed, rugs are an essential part of a living room makeover. This accessory keeps you warm and brings you great comfort during cold periods. The cosy fabric that makes up the rug usually provides a stylish look in the living room.

Introduction to rugs

Before you start decorating your living room with one, you should understand what a a rug is and what it is used for in everyday life. A plaid or sofa rug is primarily intended to be used as a decorative element. A variety of different styles will be achieved in the living room when you choose a rug blanket. Multicoloured, plain or woven, a quilt always brings a new style, especially when combined with other decorative pieces in the house. Blankets are inexpensive. However, they could radically change the mood and appeal of a space.

Focusing on rugs when adorning a sofa

For a neat and formal look, you can pick a blanket that is knitted thin and light and arrange it in three lengthways. Align the edges to make the decoration work, place the folded blanket in the middle of the sofa, fold the edge under the cushion andlLet everything else fall on the back of the living room. Enhance your rug by adding a horizontal bolster or cushion in the middle of the sofa. The rug can also be placed on the right, left or centre of a seat. You can also place a cushion on top for a unique look.

The blanket in the corner of the sofa

Placing the rug in the corner of the living room is a classic option for all styles of living room sofa decoration. In this case, you simply fold your blanket into a triangle. Then place it in the corner of your sofa. You can also fit a bolster or cushion on top for a luxurious look. Before putting your blanket away, remember to iron it first. This will give you a nice finish. Note that ironing should be done with care, as the fabric is quite fragile and can easily become taut due to heat. To sum up, a rug helps to preserve furniture and adds class to the living room while extending the life of a worn sofa.

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