How to perfume your home’s interior with decorative objects?

Perfuming your home is now considered a real addiction. Indeed, candles and diffusers are becoming more and more attractive; hence, you are bound to find pleasure in collecting them. In the office, in the living room or even in the bedroom, it has become unimaginable to live without these decorative accessories that add elegant scent to your home.

Scented sachets, burning materials and hoover powders

The list of options for adding good scent to your home is more extensive than you might think! That's right, apart from the very classic candles; essential oil diffusers and home fragrances, there are a whole host of other tricks available. They are actually more affordable and much more sober. As for burning materials, they include Armenian paper and incense. These are age-old deodorising techniques that are usually questioned as there is a strong possibility that they are harmful to health since incense is said to cause respiratory problems. As for vacuum powders, they are known to be a practical and easy way to give scent to your room every time you use the hoover. The small scented sachets can be hung in a wardrobe or placed under a pile of clothes in a wardrobe. They can also be placed on a shelf. To learn more and buy the fragrant home accessories you like, you should visit Maison Berger, a platform selling all types of decorative objects that will add elegant scent to your home.

The different types of candles

The mineral wax candle is characterised by its rather white colour. It is made of food-grade paraffin corresponding to the European pharmacopoeia. It is less toxic, melts more easily and gives off a better fragrance. There is one very important detail about the stem though; it must be made of pure cotton without lead in order to avoid toxic fumes. The mineral wax candle also ensures that the flame does not emit too much smoke.  As for the yellow vegetable wax candle, it is, as the name suggests, entirely vegetable. While it burns more cleanly and does not produce soot on the candle container, it tends to burn out more quickly and recompose the scents less perfectly.

Opting for home fragrance

Home fragrance is sometimes as refined and classy as your own perfume bottle, which makes it equally 'precious', since we are not talking about home perfumes sold in supermarkets, although ours also contain chemical components. Home perfume is used in an intermittent way, as opposed to the candle which burns and perfumes the house in a continuous manner. Its purpose is to refresh the room with just a few sprays and to instantly give it a good scent, hence its usefulness in removing continuous bad smells.

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