How to introduce Feng Shui to your interior design?

The principle of Feng Shui is to make the energy flow in the house. In this article, we will give you some basic tips on how to apply this style, i.e. how to choose colours, rearrange furniture and adopt a minimalist approach.  

Combining and arranging the colours

In Feng Shui, each colour represent a natural element. Generally speaking, red and blue represent fire and water, while green and blue represent wood and earth. Each colour plays a crucial role in each room of the house. Blue for the bathroom or personal room will reflect tranquility and encourage meditation. Yellow or red is also recommended for the kitchen and dining room as they reflect love, passion and joie de vivre, all these principles being ideal for shared rooms. Synonymous with health, growth and creativity, green is ideal for an office or living room. White can be used anywhere in your home as it always creates balance and harmony with all types of colour.

The arrangement of furniture

The arrangement of furniture is very important in the art of Feng Shui. For example, a bed should be placed away from windows and doors. It should be noted, however, that a bed in the middle of a room does not meet Feng Shui standards. Therefore, make sure that the head is against the wall. Choose a bed that is high enough to allow energy to flow freely underneath. To avoid clutter as much as possible, storage furniture should be perfectly closed. Finally, pieces of furniture with rounded edges and natural fibre coverings are to be preferred. Stylish and pleasant to the touch, these types of furniture perfectly reflect the art of Feng Shui.

Go minimalist!

Minimalim is typical of Feng Shui art, the aim bein to avoid saturating the space. Only the essentials of life such as the bed, sofa and storage spaces should be part of the décor. Electrical or electromagnetic objects have no place in the bedroom including the TV, computer, smartphones, tablets, connected watches, etc. as they are believed to have a negative influence on the energy flow in the room. On the other hand, scented candles, natural decorative stones, flowering plants are an integral part of the Feng Shui atmosphere. These natural ornaments bring life and create a soft and soothing atmosphere.

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