How to perfume your home and purify its air?

Air fresheners and home fragrances are your best allies to make your home smell fresh and clean and create a warm, exotic or romantic atmosphere. And what better way to transform your home into a real haven of peace than by inviting natural scents into your home.

Use natural perfumes found at regular shops

To make it simple, just order your home fragrances online! The market offers a wide range of fragrances made with natural ingredients and therefore non-aggressive to the most sensitive noses. If by any chance you want to enjoy natural fragrances created by talented French perfumers, we recommend you take a look at MAISON BERGER PARIS’s lamp fragrance refills. Note that in the instructions for perfumes that claim to be "natural" or "organic", the manufacturers themselves recommend that users do not inhale the product and that they ventilate well after use. This means that it is better to use them moderately to perfume and purify your home’s air.

Use natural flowers or plants

There's nothing better than choosing a natural way to give an elegant scent to your home. For example, you can put up a nice bouquet of seasonal flowers, or simply turn to homemade solutions that are easier to put together. If, for instance, a room in your house smells musty, you can simply hang an orange in it and then stick cloves in the peel. To make your home smell fresh, pour a few drops of essential oil on the petals of your bouquet roses. Needless to say that once your flowers have faded, you should replace them immediately.

Other solutions that work

In addition to plants, there are many other solutions for perfuming and purifying your home. One of them is to always ventilate the rooms in order to ensure that the air that enters is renewed. For parts of the house that do not have windows, such as toilets, you can burn matches from time to time. Also, you can combat bad household waste odours by pouring a few drops of lavender oil on a piece of cotton wool, then placing the cotton ball at the bottom of your rubbish bin. Apart from that, vacuum regularly and clean your house in an eco-friendly manner and prioritise the use of certified cleaning products. You can also use baking soda, white vinegar or Marseille soap…

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