How does a catalysis lamp work?

The catalytic lamp, commonly known as “Lampe Berger”, promotes the destruction by catalytic oxidation of all molecules that are responsible for odours from cooking, smoking and other smelly activities. Indeed, the heat from the catalysis immediately banishes the malodorous molecules while attracting them to it. Thus, the burner catalyst prevents their recombination and maintains the oxidation of these molecules. But how does this type of lamp work?

What is a catalytic lamp?

Being more than a decorative object, the fragrance or catalytic lamp is a diffusion system specially designed to perfume the interior of a room while ventilating it. Indeed, thanks to the production of catalytic oxidation at about 500°, this system is able to capture, avoid or even destroy the recombination of the molecules which are distributed in the environment. By opting for this type of lamp, you can say goodbye to the odours of breaded fish, tobacco, cooking and even undesirable odours that can make your life rot. Both efficient and functional, the catalytic lamp is now available in a round bottle shape. Typically consisting of a lamp body, catalytic burner, wick, mount and snuffer, this equipment is very simple to use. We suggest you visit for more information.

How exactly does a catalytic lamp work?

As the name suggests, a Berger lamp or catalytic lamp works by catalysing a water perfume, perfume concentrate and isopropanol. First of all, half of the device should be filled with the substance using a funnel. Thankfully, you can find Berger lamp refills on the market. It is strongly recommended that you all of the above on a perfectly stable surface, as far away from a heat source as possible. Finally, remember to clean the lamp to remove any perfumes that spill onto its surface! The next step is to install the burner, and to do this, you should insert the wick at the same time.

Precautions to be taken before using a catalytic lamp

The use of this type of lamp indeed offers incomparable ease of use. However, several precautions must be taken to avoid unpleasant surprises, namely, when the flame is lit, during the two minutes of combustion. Make sure that the device is unattended! Do not try to put the mount on the flame! Also, don't touch anything, as you risk interrupting the operation!

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