How to create an effect of depth with mirrors?

In addition to them being useful for daily beauty rituals, and with a little sensitivity, mirrors can be transformed into decorative elements and make rooms look bigger. More precisely, they can produce an effect that gives the impression that a room has more depth and is larger than it appears. But how do you achieve this exactly?

Using a mirrored glass roof

Designing a small space usually requires a little imagination to make it both functional and comfortable. Ideally, it should even be made to feel more spacious despite the size limitations. In addition to the use of modular and ingenious furniture to optimise the available space, that of a mirrored glass roof can, for example, can give the impression of having more volume in a room. But how and where to install it? It is important to know that no matter what the design of a mirror looks like, the choice of its location is never random. Its placement in any part of a room depends on the desired effects and perspectives. For example, to create a bluffing effect, it is advisable to go for a glass roof mirror. Hanging on a wall in the living room or above a sideboard, this classic piece of equipment will create an excellent optical effect. In addition, it gives the illusion of openness, i.e. the impression that there is an extra room.

Installing a mirror over a fireplace

When you have a small flat or studio apartment, it is natural to look for ways to make it bigger if only by using devices such as mirrors. In short, putting a large mirror above your fireplace or, if applicable, your radiator is a very clever idea. That said, in order to give the living room, or any room for that matter, a little extra depth, hanging several mirrors might be a good idea. In this case, you should pick models with different frames. In addition to allowing for decorating the room in a creative way, this will give the impression that the room is somewhat huge.

Laying a mirror directly on the floor

Usually, when the bedroom is very small, most owners rely on lights to create more volume. However there are also those who turn to mirrors. Wall mounted, LED mirror in the bathroom or in the corridor are some of the many solutions for those who want to use this interior design trick. Moreover, to simulate the increase of the size of the room and obtain a great view from the ground, some people place their mirrors directly on the floor.

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