How to choose the right furniture for your child’s room?

Designing the interior of a child's bedroom requires thought and time. It is essential to identify the type of furniture that is best suited to such a space. So how do you choose the right furniture for your child's room? Here are some tips...

The different types of furniture for a child's room

To furnish a child's bedroom, you should at least acquire a bed, a bedside table, a desk, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers. The same applies to a small reading chair and a bookcase. Many parents like to create a certain atmosphere with individual pieces of furniture. Some also go for second-hand pieces in good condition. But to choose the best furniture for a child, you should take into account his/her age, the size ans style of the room, the family's budget as well as the number of future children. Later, when your child takes interest in drawing and sitting down, you can buy him a small desk.

How to pick the right style for your child's furniture?

In order to make a good choice, it is essential to think about the decoration. This can be colour-coded, such as orange and blue, pink and silver or even white and grey. You can also choose character themed decoration, for instance, superheroes for the boys and the snow queen for the girl. The choice of bed depends on the age of your child. For children under 3 years of age, it is better to choose a bed with a protection. A bed with crib slats, for example, is a very good idea. A bunk bed is also a good space saver for large families. You can also go for classic design beds to make the room more stylish. The desk area is also of great importance to a child's future success. It allows you to help them do their homework in a well-designed space. For this purpose, pick a more robust and comfortable chair, especially, by avoiding furniture with a sharp edge. The choice of wardrobe should also be based on quality as well as the child’s size.

What materials are often used for children's furniture?

Wood is a material that allows for clean air in a house. But you can also choose furniture made of high quality HDF/MDF. Fibreboard is also an excellent idea. For younger children, we recommend that you choose plastic materials as they make it easier to clean the desk.

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