Decorating: how to dress up a wall with glass?

In recent years, interior design and home furnishings have become indispensable for homeowners. More than a trend, these initiatives are part of the renovation process, which is considered a lifestyle. While DIY windows and walls are usually the main work to be undertaken, sometimes there can also be a glass roof installation. Through this article, we will show you how to install a glass roof in a wall.

Installing a skylight

The decision to install a glass roof is never made overnight. Since this type of work is very expensive, you should think twice before taking the first step. Apart from the financial implications, it can also be a threat to the house occupants’ safety. This is why, in some cases, the person who wants to carry out the work needs a permit. This is particularly the case if the wall that will support the glass roof is a load-bearing one. For individual walls, this permission is not necessary. It should be noted that for a person who is familiar with DIY, the installation of a glass roof is not usually a real problem. However, for those who are new to the job, it is advisable to call in a professional.

The role of the glass roof

Nowadays, a glass roof is more than just an interior design element. Indeed, it contributes greatly to visual comfort because a it brings light to the interior space. Moreover, this light creates an optical illusion by giving the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is. As far as aesthetics are concerned, having this type of installation teends to break the traditional line of the room.

Glass roof’s accessories

The glass roof alone can make a big difference to a room in the house. However, it is always possible to maximise its effects. Indeed, any glass roof can be combined with additional accessories. On the one hand, the homeowner's choice may be a door used as an extension of the glass roof. This door can be of the sliding type to avoid any inconvenience when opening it. On the other hand, the glass roof should be in harmony with the colours of the room. Since one of the objectives of this process is the simulated creation of space and visual communication, the walls surrounding it should be white or, failing that, of a bright colour.

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