How to put up a panoramic wallpaper?

It is always nice to have a personalised decoration on your wall. Panoramic wallpaper is becoming more and more fashionable, but it is important to know how to apply it properly in order to make the chosen pattern style stand out perfectly.

What is a panoramic wallpaper exactly?

Panoramic wallpaper is becoming a big interior design trend. It is a wallpaper with a very large illustration format used to cover a large part of your wall or even a section in order to have a personalised aspect. There are numerous types of patterns or illustrations such as forest landscape, art deco patterns, old style tropical jungle, large format world map etc. You should also know that there are single-piece papers and cut-out papers in the market.

Preparing the surface before putting up the wallpaper

It is important to prepare the surface accorsingly in order to avoid any kind of imperfection during the wallpaper’s setting up. It is therefore advisable to wash and sand your wall gently if it is already painted, or carefully scrape off the unattached parts with a spatula if the paint is flaking. Remove any old wall covering using a wallpaper remover. In the case of damaged walls, fill these with special powder or paste plaster using a knife, then wait for it to dry and sand. However, it is important to remember that only hard, cohesive, healthy, dry and clean substrates can be filled with plaster. If your wall is porous, it is necessary to apply an undercoat of paint or a hardener as pores may absorb the glue. Finally, it is necessary to treat walls damaged by damp with plaster in order to ensure that the paper sticks well.

Steps to follow during the setting up of a panoramic wallpaper

Before putting up your paper, it is recommended that you have the right tools such as a brush or roller, a spatula, a cutter, wallpaper paste, a spirit level, a tape measure, a square, a sponge, a protective tarpaulin and a step ladder. To put up the panoramic wallpaper in strips, and as soon as the patterns are located and after having shut off power and detached the plug covers, it is necessary to cut the links while adding 10 cm and then stuck its half of centre towards the edge for each half. Then you need to hold the strip against the wall from the top and adjust it straight with a level. Afterwards, remove the air bubbles while tamping from the centre to the edge. Finally, use a sponge to remove any glue traces. For one-piece panoramic wallpaper, you need one person to apply the glue and the other to lay the paper gently. However, it is also possible to apply it with transparent tacks.

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