How to redesign your kitchen by changing your credence?

The credence is the ultimate in kitchen decoration. In this day and age, almost every kitchen has a credence table. But at a certain point, it starts to age and becomes less beautiful than when it was removed. But it's not always easy to give the credence a second life. Here are some ideas for changing your credence.

What is a credence?

The credence is decorative furniture that gives the kitchen certain elegance. It is often a sideboard for storing dishes. But over time, it has become a screen that separates the work area from the wall units. It gives a certain charm to the kitchen and makes you want to work there. The credence is often made of tile, but after a while, the tile starts to age and become increasingly dull, that’s why replacing it is inevitable.

How do you replace the credence tile?

Replacing credence tiles is the best way to revamp your kitchen. However, you will need to do some major work and be prepared to dismantle some furniture. Once removed, the tiles can be replaced with new ones or with other materials. Indeed, granite and stainless steel have become the go-to materials when it comes to kitchen decoration. However, replacing tiles is time-consuming, and not everyone has the skills to do the job. It is therefore preferable to proceed in a more effective way.

How to the credence without retiling?

It is possible to give new life to the credence without changing the tiles. However, you will need some ingenuity and a few materials. To start with, you can buy tile colours. Indeed, there are paints made especially for tiles. Then you can use stickers or decorative adhesive strips to cover those. You can find them quite easily in decoration shops. You should also know that there are tiles that are specially made to cover other tiles. The credence is often considered the centrepiece of the kitchen as it sets the tone for a beautiful cooking area. It’s true that there are lots of tricks to revamp the latter, but for a better result, it is best to call in an interior design specialist.

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