Scandinavian design inspiration for a trendy and warm interior

For a comfortable life at home, the interior design has to match your taste. If you are looking for a warm and charming atmosphere, we recommend you choose a Scandinavian style decoration which is still very much in vogue. This type of decoration exudes warmth and reveals a showery and serene atmosphere. As for materials, it generally uses wood as it tries to make reference to nature. With this style, there is no lack of inspiration as you can adapt it to any room in your house: living room, bedroom, office, ...

How to do it the Scandinavian way?

For some years now, the Scandinavian style has not lost its place in the interior design world and is still very trendy while being a simple, beautiful and very practical style. It is easy to recognize thanks to its natural and elegant spirit. It uses wood, wool, fur, white, etc. The light fixtures are very important in this type of decoration. As far as colour is concerned, you need white in general but you can use different shades as well. Natural tones, neutral or pastel colours are the most recommended as they offer a bright and sunny interior.

Why choose Scandinavian style decoration?

The Scandinavian style comes from the northern countries. This Nordic decoration is generally inspired by nature. It was first known in the 50s and 60s and has been making a comeback for some years now. This type of design appeals to many people as it has everything to please the eye and soul, especially the unique charm that makes it exceptional. It mixes both design and cocooning by using various contrasts for more sobriety and modernity.

How to achieve a successful Scandinavian decoration?

To achieve a successful Scandinavian interior design, you need to pay attention to these elements: colour and materials... Soft colours are to be preferred and for a bright interior, white is an excellent choice. It is a classy and neutral “colour” at the same time and it blebds with any colour. You just need to accessorise it well. You can break it up with touches of light colours such as blue or grey and with pastel shades such as pink, green, etc. You can also add patterns using wallpapers for example. In terms of materials, the most used with the Scandinavian style is wood, but it must be light. You can use it for the floor, but some people prefer it on the kitchen walls. It can also be used for the furniture (chairs, tables, etc.) as well as for accessories.

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