How to choose the right carpet?

A carpet is an important design element that not only gives a warm effect to the living room, but also emphasises its unique character. Altogether, it has a decorative function, underlines the style of the interior and protects the floor from scratches. Which type of carpet is best for your living room and what should you look for in particular when buying one? Here are the answers...

Natural and artificial fabric carpets, which one to choose?

When thinking about which living room or bedroom rug will be best for you, look first at its material. Generally speaking, materials can be divided into two types: natural and artificial. Among natural carpets, the most popular is high quality wool, which provides excellent protection from the cold and is pleasant to the touch. It is also possible to use cotton, as its properties prevent static electricity. Both materials are also easy to clean and their colours do not tend to fade. The most luxurious choice may be a silk carpet. On the other hand, the most common artificial fibres used for carpets are polypropylene and acrylic which imitates wool perfectly. Artificial materials are much easier to maintain, more resistant to abrasion and a better choice for allergy sufferers. In addition, their low price usually does not affect their excellent quality or appearance.

How to choose the right carpet size?

The basic principle for determining the size of a carpet is functionality. It should not obstruct or prevent the opening of doors or cupboards. It is best to measure ther exact radius before making your purchase. The carpet’s location is also important. A rug under a sofa or large dining table should not be too small, otherwise it will disappear completely under the furniture. Gnereally speaking, it should be about 30 cm longer, leaving a space of about 50 cm from the wall.

Which carpet style will help you revamp your living room?

The right colour or pattern will help completely change the character of your living room or simply complement an already perfect design. To find out how to get the right rug with the right shade, take a look at your existing furniture and décor, then use the colour wheel. This will help you decide if a colour from the same range would look better or if a completely contrasting addition would be more interesting.

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