Installing a creative headboard in your bedroom

There are different types of headboards: wooden, upholstered or handmade. They are best known for their decorative and aesthetic qualities, but is that the only reason to buy one? How to choose one and how to install it? We answer these questions in this article...

The purpose of a headboard

The headboard came into being at a time when bedrooms were not yet well insulated.  It was initially invented to block the cold and create a barrier between the wall and the occupant of the bed. Now that it has become easier to heat a room, the headboard is still an essential part of the bedroom, not only for its decorative value, but also because it can still be very practical. Today, the headboard is mainly used for its decorative aspect. Depending on the model chosen, it can add a certain style to the bedroom. It can also fill a room that may be too big or too empty. On the more practical side, it prevents pillows from falling out during sleep, and depending on the design, can also be used as storage.

How to choose a headboard?

The headboard is the first thing you notice when you enter a bedroom. That's why it's important to make sure you make the best possible choice. The two most important aspects to consider are the colour and texture of the headboard. Your choice should be influenced by the style you are looking for as well as your own tastes. Needless to say that your headboard should compliment your room and not contrast with it. The second main question to ask is whether the headboard will serve a purpose other than decorating the room. If, for example, you are going to use your headboard as a support for reading or watching TV, choose a comfortable model that can support your back. If you want to use it for storage, choose wood and add compartments to it.

The different styles of headboards

Headboards already differ depending on the function they are made for. The most popular choice is the classic headboard which is integrated with the bed frame. It has the advantage of being easy to move as it is tied to the bed. As a bonus, it keeps pillows and blankets in place. Then there is the headboard which is separate from the frame, but attached to the wall. This one looks more decorative and is less practical than a classic headboard. Finally, there is the headboard that is detached from both the bed frame and the wall, and stands on its own. As for the material used to make headboards, there is the timeless, durable and easy to maintain wood for a more classic style. For a touch of glamour, go for metal, iron, leather or copper...However, for a bohemian style, there is bamboo or wicker. And finally, the upholstered headboard also remains timeless, particularly because of the comfort it provides.

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