3 tips to expand the interior of your home

It is possible to visually enlarge a room without having to push or break down walls. Indeed, there are many configurations and solutions for this. So if you're feeling a little cramped, check out three foolproof tips that will help you make your home feel more spacious.

Colour and lighting

Being reflective, light colours are ideal for giving an enlarging and airing effect to a space. White is timeless and remains one of the basic colours. Very popular, its versatility blends with all colours. In addition to making the colours stand out, it also allows you to manage the contrast in the room as a whole. If you want to avoid the “clinical” effect, go for shades of white which are slightly tinged with pink, beige, grey, blue,...or colours in cooler or pastel shades. From floor to ceiling, not forgetting the walls, light and neutral colours blur the boundaries and give an impression of grandeur. Don't neglect the light, either. In addition to natural light, you can also use hanging lamps, wall lights, floor or table lamps. Don't hesitate to use more than one light source and prioritise those with slim legs and a more contemporary design. If you love curtains, choose thin, light and ideally light coloured ones.

The decorating effect

Mirrors can be installed in places other than bathrooms. They can give a feeling of openness, even in a small room. In a bedroom or a small living room, for example, it is recommended to use large mirrors, either fitted horizontally or directly on the floor. The larger the mirror, the more it will create new perspectives and reflect light. You can place it next to a window or near a light source. For the narrowest of spaces (hallway, entrance, etc.), a mirror covering the whole wall offers a feeling of infinity. Wallpapers are also a great way to give depth to a space. To do this, choose a panoramic model (natural landscape, a door opening onto a garden, a coastal path, etc.) in order to create a feeling of depth or to bring a touch of nature into your home’s interior. A striped wallpaper can also be a good option. To separate your rooms, choose glass or openwork partitions such as skylights. In addition to being considered contemporary and trendy, they allow light to flow freely from one room to another. Similarly, prioritising sliding openings is always a good idea!

Furniture and layout

For a more fluid space, play with the furniture layout. Note that too much furniture suffocates and clutters a room. It is therefore important to optimise the available space. To do this, dare to use minimalist furniture with clean lines, one that can be extended (extending tables, nesting tables, corner sofas, etc.). The impression of grandeur is obtained with low furniture. Buffets or consoles are therefore unfailing allies. However, don't overdo it! Also think about smart and practical storage, for instance, a wardrobe with multiple compartments will do the trick. Wall shelves are also a good idea to free up space. Don't hesitate to make use of lost spaces (under a bed or a staircase, for example) and why not buy transparent furniture? They don't block the view and thus give beathing air to your home’s interior.

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