How high should you hang your curtains?

When it comes to decorating a house, every little detail can make a difference, whether we are talking about furniture or other accessories such as curtains. Indeed, putting up a curtain is a great way to improve a room. However, this is not done just any old way, it needs certain rules to avoid the curtain being badly positioned.

At what height should curtains be placed?

To improve the appearance of a room, you always need a curtain, but how should the latter be placed? It is essential, for example, to identify the ideal distance between the ceiling and the window at which your curtain rod should be mounted. The curtain rod is designed for a very high ceiling and is usually positioned 15 cm from the top of the window. The ideal distance between a ceiling and the height of a window often correspods two thirds of the height. But what about the curtain drop? There are several types of curtain drops, the most classic of which is the drop between one or two centimetres from the floor. This is suitable for all interior spaces, especially the kitchen. The more contemporary type is dropped to zero centimetres from the floor. Like the classic design, it can be adapted to any interior decor. The most elegant one, on the other hand, can be dropped 3 to 5 centimetres. As for fabrics, the most suitable are the heavy ones.

How to measure curtains?

The measurement of a curtain depends on that of the curtain rod. Moreover, to know the width of the curtain, it is necessary to measure the length of the rod at disposal. The width then varies between 1.5 and 2 times the length of the rod, but for a lighter fabric, the width can be up to 2.5 times that length. For the height, the standard value for classic houses or flats is around 280 centimetres and for a loft, a designer house or an old house with a high ceiling, it should be around 350 centimetres. It is also important to know that the height of the curtains is always measured from the length of the rod and can be modified according to the type of drop desired. If a curtain with eyelets is to be used, an additional 3 centimetres of the rod measurement is required.

The height of the curtain rods for a very low ceiling

In a room with a very low ceiling, it is best to install the curtain rod as high as possible without it touching the ceiling. This will ensure that the curtains have maximum length and give the room a height effect. It should also be noted that the patterns on the curtains can play a very big part in enhancing that height effect, like putting stripes in the vertical direction for example.

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